From next year in the UK, both the new Honda Civic Tourer and Civic hatch will offer a new Driver Assistance Safety Pack, which will be a £780 (RM4,200) option on all SE Plus, SR and EX Plus versions.

The pack contains City-Brake Active, Forward Collision Warning, High Beam Support, Traffic Sign Recognition, Blind Spot Information, Lane Departure Warning and Cross Traffic Monitor systems.

City-Brake Active is a laser radar system that scans the road ahead and automatically applies the brakes if it senses that a collision is about to happen. It operates at speeds of 29 km/h or below, and is designed to detect cars and trucks.


Forward Collision Warning recognises the vehicle in front using a forward-facing camera, and upon detecting the risk of collision, gives out visual and audible warnings. The warning distance can be adjusted by the driver. The system operates at speeds of 14 km/h and up.

High Beam Support works at speeds of more than 39 km/h to activate or deactivate the headlamps’ high beam according to oncoming or preceding vehicles. Lane Departure Warning gives out visual and audible warnings, and works at speeds above 63 km/h where the road has a curve radius of 250 metres or more.

Traffic Sign Recognition uses the forward-facing camera to detect road signs and then show them on the multi-info display – if it is relevant to the vehicle – once the vehicle has passed the sign. Two signs can be displayed at any one time. By using a camera rather than GPS information to detect the signs, the information is always accurate.

Blind Spot Information displays a visual warning on the wing mirror when a vehicle enters the driver’s blind spot. This remains until the vehicle leaves the blind spot. Visual and audible warnings are given if the driver operates the indicator whilst the vehicle is in the blind spot. The system operates at speeds above 19 km/h.

Finally, Cross Traffic Monitor uses rear-side radar sensors to warn of approaching vehicles when reversing. The direction of an approaching vehicle is shown either on the reverse camera screen or displayed using arrows on the multi-info display, accompanied by an audible warning. The system can detect vehicles travelling up to 24 km/h.