You’ve heard so much about the PETRONAS Primax range of fuels and how it Gives You More, but what exactly are you getting more of, and in what ways? Is it simply the squeezing out of more miles from your vehicle and allowing you to save up for something you desire, or perhaps the protecting of your engine for long-lasting operation?

Take traffic jams. Something we all loathe, but have to endure every day. As if sitting there with engines running and going nowhere wasn’t enough, the constant stopping and going makes your engine burn even more unnecessary fuel. And let’s not forget the fuel wasted in going round looking for parking spaces, particularly in busy areas.

Coupled with the overall jumps in costs of living and lifestyle spending amongst Malaysians, a fuel that can maximise mileage, yet one that is conveniently available, makes more and more sense, and obviously translates to more savings for the pocket.

PETRONAS Primax fuels are formulated to do just that – their finer fuel spray is designed to clean injectors and promote better atomisation. The atomised fuel is dispersed to a fine mist-like spray, which reduces the size of the fuel droplets and increases the total surface area that mixes with oxygen to burn, boosting the efficiency, intensity and speed of combustion.


The results? Smoother acceleration, reduced engine friction, better fuel economy and therefore, more savings in the long run. Moreover, PETRONAS operates over 1,000 stations nationwide, with at least one in every major neighbourhood and on highways, so chances are you won’t have to go far to get a shot of Primax in your car.

PETRONAS’ 18-year partnership with Formula One has, without a doubt, helped it develop its technical expertise in formulating automotive fluids that are fit for its MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS race team. This F1 technology has been tested on conventional road vehicles, direct-injected vehicles and even hybrids, to consistently yield the same results across all types of vehicles. Primax fuel has also been voted as Malaysians’ Fuel of Choice for the fourth consecutive year at the Putra Brand Awards.

With an economical drive and more savings in your pocket, what do you #Like2SaveFor? Join silver screen queen Maya Karin, action movie man Shaheizy Sam, radio personality DJ Yoon, Hong Kong heart-throb Him Law and Taiwanese sensation Bii in the conversation on PETRONAS Brands’ Facebook and Twitter pages.

Meet and greet our local stars at certain PETRONAS stations nationwide – catch Maya Karin at PETRONAS Paya Terubong, Penang on December 21, Shaheizy Sam at PETRONAS Persiaran Indah, Johor on January 4 and DJ Yoon at PETRONAS MRR2, Ampang on January 18.