So, you know about the PETRONAS Fuelled by Fans, Powered by PRIMAX contest and the final race, where the winner is not the one who finishes first, but the one who covers the most distance getting to the destination. Clearly, this calls for some serious eco-driving, and PETRONAS vehicle fuels have been designed to help you do just that.

Its high-quality, efficient vehicle fuels include PRIMAX 97, PRIMAX 95 XTRA and Dynamic Diesel. PRIMAX 97 features special additives to help rid the engine of unwanted deposits, giving you a cleaner, smoother-running engine that delivers more power while being fuel-efficient. At the same time, its RON 97 rating provides excellent anti-knock properties for high-performance vehicles.


PRIMAX 95 XTRA offers even greater economy and efficiency. The RON 95 fuel is formulated with advanced additives that include a friction modifier to reduce internal friction between the cylinder and piston rings, a combustion improver to enhance overall engine efficiency and detergents to prevent the build-up of deposits that degrade engine performance.

Finally, Dynamic Diesel is a high-cetane index diesel fuel that’s formulated to prevent injector fouling, corrosion and foaming, while offering efficient, dependable and smooth operation. The inclusion of the SINAR D07 multi-functional additive package cleans up injector deposits and keeps the injector nozzles clean to ensure optimal fuel spray and atomization for effective combustion.


But of course, the fuels are not the be-all and end-all of economical driving, and to that end, here are some short, helpful tips to save fuel and eke out more miles from your vehicle:

  • Keep your vehicle maintained regularly – check all fluids, battery condition and wheel alignment
  • Inflate tyres to manufacturer-recommended pressures. It’s good to check tyre pressures at least once a month, and when tyres are cool – heated tyres cause the air to expand inside them, which can give false readings
  • Don’t carry any more items than you need in your vehicle
  • Plan your journey beforehand. A cold engine consumes more fuel, so drive to the farthest destination first to allow the engine to warm up properly before you turn it off. Where possible, drive through light-traffic areas, highways and other such routes where you can foresee keeping your speed as constant as possible. Needless to say, avoid driving during rush hours.
  • Drive smoothly; avoid excessive acceleration and deceleration. Strive to keep engine revs to a minimum. Build up momentum when going downhill so you don’t have to accelerate so much going up the next hill.
  • Turn off the engine if it’s not going to be used for more than a minute
  • Going round in search of an ideal parking space, particularly in a busy area, is a waste of time, fuel and money. Park in the first vacant space you find and walk – a little bit of exercise can do no harm!


Saving fuel obviously saves you money – is there something you’re saving up for, or are there other reasons to save? Join silver screen queen Maya Karin, action movie man Shaheizy Sam, radio personality DJ Yoon, Hong Kong heart-throb Him Law and Taiwanese sensation Bii in voicing out what you #Like2SaveFor on PETRONAS Brands’ Facebook and Twitter pages.

Our local celebrities will also be making Saturday appearances from 10 am to 5 pm at certain PETRONAS Stations nationwide – catch DJ Yoon at PETRONAS Solaris Putra, Serdang this Saturday (November 9)! She’ll also be at PETRONAS MRR2, Ampang on January 18, 2014.


Take part in the PETRONAS Fuelled by Fans, Powered by PRIMAX contest and you may end up amongst the five celebrity+fan teams that will compete over five days to see who can travel the farthest and garner the highest number of tweets, while striving to have the most Mesra points left at the end of the race.

Remember, all entry forms must be in before November 24. With only two weeks left to go, hurry up and get more contest details, as well as learn how you can be part of the action, here!