Beetle Dune

Volkswagen will be offering a different take of its Beetle at the upcoming NAIAS in Detroit, with the Beetle Dune concept putting a rugged offroad slant to things. It’s not the first to wear the name – the automaker first explored the path with its New Beetle Dune concept, which was presented in Los Angeles back in 2000.

The design study wasn’t very realistic then though, especially with its interior and roof structure, and so do we get to 2014 and a new Dune concept that is a more feasible proposition.

The current Dune raises the Bug’s body by two inches, and VW designers have bolted a pair of skis to the roof to show the vehicle’s go-anywhere intentions. Its name, raised ground clearance, and all-terrain look hark back to the VW Bugs that conquered beaches and dunes in times past.

The showcar follows the production R-Line Beetle in its running gear, in this case a 210 hp turbocharged TSI engine and six-speed DSG dual-clutch transmission, with an accompanying XDS electronic differential lock.