MAA today announced the Total Industry Volume achieved in 2013 – essentially how many cars were sold in Malaysia last year. The grand figure has come up to 655,793 motor vehicles, which is a new record and represents a 4.5% growth over 2012’s 627,753 motor vehicles and ahead of MAA’s initial TIV forecast which was 640,000 motor vehicles.

The 655,793 number consisted of 576,657 passenger vehicles and 79,136 commercial vehicles, an increase of 4.4% and 4.7% over 2012 numbers respectively.


If we look at monthly sales, vehicle sales were consistently higher in the first four months of 2013 compared to the same period in 2012, however May and June showed a 15% and 5% decline over the same period in 2012. This could be attributed to GE13’s lower car prices manifesto.


Things picked up again by the end of June, and July 2013’s volume was up 15% compared to July 2012. Sales dipped again slightly in October 2013 compared with 2012 due to a wait and see stance in anticipation of Budget 2014. November was also down thanks to JPJ’s disastrous MYSIKAP.


Malaysians still buy sedans the most with a 77.5% market share, followed by MPVs with a share of 16.5%, 4WD/SUVs at 4.9% and window vans at 1.1%. MPVs lost market share (18.1% in 2012) while 4WD/SUVs increased market share (3.5% in 2012).


Perodua tops the charts in 2013 with 196,071 units sold, followed by Proton which sold 138,753 units. Toyota leads the non-national segment, followed closely by Honda with a 10,000 unit gap. Then there’s a 5,000 unit gap to Nissan. Other than Hyundai/Inokom which managed 11,382 units, the other non-national brands all sold below 10,000 units.


As for hybrid car sales, Honda topped the charts this year with 8,550 units. It would make sense since they have a wide variety of affordable hybrid cars. Toyota came in second at 5,789 units, which consists of the Prius and Prius c. Lexus sold 709 hybrids, no doubt most of them would be the affordable CT200h with the Prius powertrain. While Porsche sold 11 of their hybrid cars last year (Panamera and Cayenne), the figure this year was zero. And now we know there are 1,907 A6 Hybrids on the road.


MAA is forecasting 670,000 units in 2014, 684,000 units in 2015, 699,1000 units in 2016, 715,200 units in 2017 and finally 732,400 units in 2018.

In terms of vehicle production, 601,407 vehicles were produced in 2013, an increase of 31,787 over 2012”s 569,620 numbers. This consisted of 543,892 passenger vehicles and 57,515 commercial vehicles.