Volkswagen is working on a mid-life facelift for its fifth-generation B-segment contender, the Volkswagen Polo. Today, we can show you undisguised photos of a facelifted Polo in Europe, thanks to our European spy photographers Automedia.

Although at first glance the Polo looks the same, there are actually quite a few subtle changes up front. The whole bumper design has been revised to look similar to the Passat’s design – the grille now has a double bar, much like that on the Polo 1.6 that was launched yesterday, but the chrome is only at the bottom edge of the grille.


This chrome line continues into the headlamp, where it goes upwards instead of the current Polo, where the same line in the headlamp dips down. We also note the position of the tow hook cover is different.

On the rear, we notice that although the tail lamp design is familiar, the internal graphics are a lot more angular now compared to the more rounded design of the pre-facelift. There’s also what appears to be a faux diffuser-like design on the rear bumper. There’s only one tail pipe to be seen, so this probably isn’t a mule for a Polo GTI.


The changes in the interior are more obvious. The entire central dash area gets a brushed metal background like the Passat. The head-unit has been redesigned, and so has the automatic air-con control panel. The car also gets a revised steering wheel as well as updated stalks.

If you click the interior image above and really zoom in on the full-res version of the image, you’ll notice the strip of buttons above the head-unit is full featured. We notice seat heating buttons as well as a button for adjustable suspension, which is surprising as this feature isn’t available on the current Polo. With the trend of consumers downsizing their car segments, it looks like VW is packing C-segment options into their facelifted B-segment car.