perodua-ceo 028

Perodua is set to launch a “new model” during the second half of this year, company CEO and president Datuk Aminar Rashid has revealed. He said that the model is a completely new model, and does not replace any existing Perodua vehicle in the current line-up.

At a Chinese New Year lunch with members of the media today, Aminar said that the “new model” will be built at the new Perodua Global Manufacturing plant located next to the existing Sungai Choh, Rawang facility, while its gearbox would come from the E-AT plant at the Sendayan Industrial Park, Negeri Sembilan.

“The new plant (at Sungai Choh) that we are currently constructing is physically (building and structure) almost 90% ready,” Aminar said, adding that he hopes the plant will be ready by the middle of the year. “We are also building a new test track, which is an extension of our existing test track, at a cost of around RM65 million,” he said.

The exterior of this “new model” will be designed in-house by Perodua – the design of the upper body is being worked on at present, Aminar said, adding that the new plant is focusing on QCD (Quality, Cost and Delivery) and this also involves the entire supply chain, including vendors and dealers.

The P2 head also confirmed that Perodua’s first sedan model, previewed by the Buddyz concept car at KLIMS13, will not be coming out this year.

Aminar added that the recently-launched Perodua Alza facelift has garnered around 8,000 orders as of last week. What has surprised Perodua is that higher-spec variants are more in demand, and the company is tailoring its production schedules to meet this demand.