The Honda Vision XS-1 creative study has just made its world premiere at the 2014 Delhi Auto Expo. It’s not quite the Brio-based SUV as expected, but a futuristic concept of a seven-seat compact crossover instead. And before you get excited, no, there is no mass-production plan for it yet.

It doesn’t look like anything in Honda’s current model lineup, save for the large horizontal grille (also known as the “Solid Wing Face”) that’s part of the company’s newly employed “Exciting H Design” outlook. The Volvo-esque floating rear lamp treatment is a particularly nice design flourish.


Honda says the Vision XS-1 combines sporty exterior styling and spaciousness in a compact body, conforming to its “man maximum, machine minimum” concept. The large sliding doors open up to a versatile cabin with three rows of seats, the last two of which can be folded down to create a flat floor.

Too bad the Honda Vision XS-1 is not going into production anytime soon, but as a concept, what are your thoughts on the idea of a compact seven-seat crossover?

Live launch pix courtesy of Faisal from MotorBeam India.