2014_Honda_5_new_models_ 02

Honda Malaysia will launch five new models this year. The five includes FMC (full model change) and MMC (minor model change) models and CKD hybrids locally assembled in Melaka. This was announced by Yoichiro Ueno, MD and CEO of Honda Malaysia at the company’s 2014 media gathering. He also gave away the fact that there will be two CKD FMC hybrid models in the list.

“We have laid the foundations to strengthen the company’s operations in order to elevate our business to the next level in terms of sales volume, market presence and branding. With the completion of the No.2 Line at our factory and new main models including CKD hybrid to be introduced this year, we believe that our strategies are in line with the current market situation where more people are longing for affordable, environmental friendly and good value for money vehicles,” Ueno said.

The Honda boss also said that two affordable models will be launched this year. The new City, now open for booking, is classified as such, and we can safely assume that the other one is the new Jazz, which will be introduced in the second half of 2014.

All these will contribute to the brand’s lofty sales target of 76,000 units in 2014, which is 47% higher than 2013 sales. Should they acheive 76k units, Honda will command 11% market share based on a projected TIV of 670,000 units. Of the total, Honda Malaysia is looking to sell 9,000 units of hybrid cars.