One of the surprise debuts at the Geneva Motor Show was the Italdesign Giugiaro Clipper, the latest concept by the Volkswagen-owned Italian design house. The Clipper is described by Italdesign as a “sporty cross MPV”.

Based on Volkswagen Group’s modular MQB platform, the Clipper features a rather nondescript exterior design, looking very much like various other models in the group’s portfolio. The flair was instead saved up for the doors, which open up in an unusual fashion – butterfly front doors, gullwing rear doors. So far, so Tesla Model X.


Another trait it shares with the Model X is its dual electric motor setup. The motors on the Clipper are rated at 110 kW (150 PS) each – making for a total output of 220 kW (300 PS) – and drives all four wheels. It has a claimed top speed of 204 km/h and can travel on 540 km on a single charge of its floor-mounted batteries.

Open the doors and you will find no central pillar to impede entry or egress – the B-pillar has instead been built into the rear doors. Inside, the Clipper has six seats, upholstered in special white Alcantara with a grey geometric diamond pattern, and the two back rows can fold flat to create a 900 litre load bay.