We’re not quite done with our video coverage of Auto China 2014 just yet. Here’s our alluring host Aerilynn again, this time taking a closer look at the Audi TT Offroad Concept with Daniel Byner of Audi talking her through the pimped-up sporty SUV.

Design wise, the concept carries plenty of the TT coupe’s signature cues, particularly the rounded roofline. Unique to the SUV-bodied design study is its true four-seat cabin – the first time that is offered with the TT’s iconic looks.

Daniel also went on to explain the technology behind the Audi Wireless Charging feature, which gets rid of pesky charging cables for an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle. It’s harmless to animals too, in case you’re wondering. Enjoy watching :)

Video led by Moy Yew Meng, live pix by Kwek Chai Li