140509 Hyundai Motorstudio photo 5

Oppa Hyundai style! Hyundai Motor Co has opened its first flagship showroom, called Hyundai Motorstudio, rather fittingly in Gangnam, one of Seoul’s busier and more upmarket districts.

The facility features a series of newly-curated retail and cultural experiences, as well as exhibits that showcase the company’s future direction and aspirations.

The Motorstudio is based on the concept that cars are “not simply an assembly of parts, but an evolution of steel and engineering,” so Hyundai says. To that end, 36,000 metres of steel pipes and anodised steel panels are involved in its architecture.

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‘Car Rotators’ allow nine Genesis models to be displayed, and the angle of each car will be changed monthly, allowing views of just about everything on the outside, including the undercarriages.

The five-floor building includes a library, lounges for premium customers, kids and car tuning, an art gallery and a cafe. Staff and curators will be on hand to help visitors enjoy each of its spaces and listen to customer feedback.

The Korean carmaker is set to introduce the flagship Motorstudio in other global cities, starting with Moscow in the second half of this year.