Former F1 champion Sir Jack Brabham passed away earlier today at his home in Queensland, Australia. He was 88. The Australian was a three-time world champion, winning the title in 1959 and 1960 with Cooper and in 1966 in a Brabham – he is the only driver to have won a world title in a car carrying his own name.

Brabham was born on April 2, 1926 in Hurstville, near Sydney. He started his racing career in midget car racing in the late ’40s before making the switch to road racing. His Formula 1 career began in 1955 with Cooper, in which he was to enjoy his title successes down the road with the Climax Straight-4-powered T51 and T53 race cars.

In 1962, Brabham began racing with the team he set up with fellow Australian Ron Tauranac, an engineer, bagging his third F1 crown in the Repco V8-powered Brabham BT19 four years on. He retired from F1 in 1970, having competed in 126 Grand Prix, winning 14 races in the process.