It was off, and now it’s back on again. Apparently Ops Cermin Gelap is a go for June 16 as initially announced, according to the deputy transport minister Datuk Abdul Aziz Kaprawi.

“Let me be clear that the operation is still on and it will be held nationwide. We will still go after those who have failed to adhere to regulations on tinted windscreens and windows. Motorists have until June 15 to revert to permitted tinting stipulations,” he told The Star.

The operation against vehicles with dark-tinted glass (which fall foul of the existing rules of a minimum of 70% visible light transmission levels for the front windscreen and 50% for the side and rear windows) will be led by the Traffic Police, with JPJ providing assistance.

This, however, does not affect plans for the two-day workshop to review the use of tint on vehicles, which will be held on June 2. Aziz explained that findings from the workshop will determine the direction of the June 16 operation, and that the public will be duly informed of any changes to existing laws.