Mercedes-Benz CLS-Klasse Facelift (C 218) 2014

Mercedes-Benz debuted its LED headlamps with the current Mercedes-Benz CLS-Class, so it would only be appropriate that the company takes its LED headlamp technology to the next level with the facelift.

These set of photos show how the new CLS’ headlamps will look like, along with a reveal of the new grille and bumper. The new improved headlamps are called Multibeam LED headlamps.

A camera positioned behind the windscreen delivers a feed to four control units which individually control the light output of a total of 24 high performance LEDs 100 times per second. This enables the headlamps to react more quickly to changing traffic conditions, allowing dazzle-free beams.

Effectively, this allows the high-beam headlamps to be left on at all times. The headlamps are also brighter when the high-beam output has to be reduced in order not to dazzle oncoming traffic – Mercedes-Benz claims the new Multibeam LED headlamps have up to 2.5 times the partial high-beam light output of regular LED headlamps because it can control the light distribution more precisely.

The headlamp uses four LEDs for the low beam, which can be swivelled outward additionally by as much as 12 degrees to provide an anticipatory camera-based active light function.

Because the control is camera-based instead of steering-based, the module swivels toward the bend before the driver has even turned the wheel, providing better illumination of the bend early on.

In addition, the headlamps now feature a new navigation-based light function for roundabouts. Based on GPS navigation data, it activates the cornering light function to the left and right before entering the roundabout.

We now know for sure how the CLS facelift’s headlamps are going to look like, but the rest of the car isn’t that hard to figure out as our previously published spy photos showed prototype cars being tested that had minimal disguise on them. The facelift will also feature a new ‘floating tablet’ style COMAND display.