The BMW 1-Series facelift has been sighted again, this time in 135i guise as seen from the twin round exhaust pipes on each side found on the rear. Although there’s disguise on the front and rear bumper, we can see that they have new shapes now – these M Sport bumpers show they have a wider center intake opening compared to the original F20 M Sport bumper.

We think that the headlamps will most likely receive some updates as well as they are one of the most criticised elements of the pre-facelift car, but the headlamps on this prototype are completely exposed and are of the same design as the pre-facelift car. It could be just that BMW hasn’t started installing updated headlamps onto prototypes yet.

There’s plenty of strong rumours that the next generation 1-er will go front wheel drive just like its 2 Active Tourer sibling to improve efficiency and interior space, so this might be your last chance to get a small hatchback that can so easily go sideways, as we found out in our hot hatch episode of Driven.

Find out more about the 1-Series specs in Malaysia here: BMW 1-Series on