2015 Infiniti Q40

Infiniti USA has an odd model line-up where two generations of a particular car are on sale concurrently. Yes, the new Infiniti Q50 has been launched there but the previous generation Infiniti G37 Sedan is still on sale, with just over US$4,000 separating them in terms of starting price tag.

Today we learn that the G37 Sedan will continue to be on sale for at least another year as an entry level model. And to bring it up to speed with Infiniti’s new naming scheme it will be renamed the Infiniti Q40, reflecting its positioning between the new Q50 sedan and the upcoming Q30 hatchback.

The G Sedan was never sold here in Malaysia officially by Infiniti Malaysia, although there are grey importers that have brought Japanese market cars in, where it is known as the Nissan Skyline sedan. The G Coupe (which was renamed the Infiniti Q60) is available officially though, priced at RM415k with a 3.7L V6.