US-based Honda Performance Development has released a supercharger kit for the manual-gearbox Honda CR-Z hybrid.

Apart from the blower itself, the kit includes an air-to-air intercooler, high-flow fuel injectors, a calibrated ECU and an air filter system, to bump up combined output from the stock 134 hp/190 Nm to 197 hp/210 Nm.

The suggested retail price for the kit just dips under US$5,500 (RM17,400), excluding dealer installation. HPD also offers for the CR-Z an uprated clutch, limited-slip diff, sports dampers, sports exhaust, lowered coil springs, 300-mm diameter disc brakes and 18-inch alloys shod in Michelin Pilot Super Sport rubber.


Additionally, emblems and decals, along with front and rear spoilers and a rear diffuser, should ensure the HPD CR-Z looks as fast as it goes.

The 197 figure reminds us of the pre-facelift Honda CR-Z Mugen, which was also supercharged and had that amount of horsepower, plus 245 Nm of torque – although those numbers didn’t include the IMA system.

With the facelift came the Japan-only limited-edition CR-Z Mugen RZ, whose supercharger gave the 1.5 litre i-VTEC engine 154 hp and 185 Nm of torque. Throw in the IMA system and you had a juicy total of 174 hp and 263 Nm of torque.