We’ve written about the importance of wearing seatbelts before, especially rear seatbelts, but there are still many people who still ignore buckling up in their cars, whether they are seated at the front or back. Any amount of airbags won’t you do you any good if you don’t have your seatbelts on in the first place.

These days, people have all kinds of ideas to increase awareness with social media – something like the ice bucket challenge and today we discovered a viral video campaign of Romanian origin that addresses the issue of wearing seatbelts.

The campaign aims wants to start a trend where ladies can “make wearing seatbelts hard to ignore” (campaign slogan) by posting photos of themselves wearing seatbelts with the hashtag #seatbeltb00bing (that’s with zeros) on social media, in hope that this campaign will drill the message home to motorists better than fines and seatbelt warning signs. The campaign also has a Facebook fan page.

Given the mechanics of the campaign, it obviously targets men specifically, but there’s a reason for this – according to Romanian statistics, an average of three times more men than women lose their lives in car crashes because of reasons like not wearing seatbelts.