You remember the E92 BMW M3 GTS don’t you? It was available in that striking orange colour that so many BMW M3 owners decided to repaint their cars in to emulate its looks.

The sharper, more track-focused M3 GTS featured bits such as an adjustable front splitter, a large wing, lighter Recaro front seats (rear seats are gone), a titanium rear silencer, removal of the air conditioning system (like the E46 M3 CSL), rollover protection mounts at the B-column, a fire extinguisher, and a battery master emergency shut-off switch. It’s even known to appear for sale on

Since that generation of M3 had a normally aspirated engine, BMW stroked it up to 4.4 litres for extra power, bringing the M3’s 414 standard horsepower up to 450 in the GTS.


It looks like BMW is readying a new M4 GTS as a successor to the M3 GTS. Seen here is an M4 Coupe that has camoflage on the front and on a new large rear wing. There’s also some ‘rojak’ mix of huge wheels with low profile tyres mounted. If you peek into the open window, you’ll also see Recaro seats. All of this seems to be the same formula that BMW used for the M3 GTS.

We don’t think BMW will be bringing the M4’s engine displacement up though – since the new M4 uses a turbocharged engine, it should be relatively easier to squeeze more power out of the car if BMW wants to.

No idea about the Safety Car decals on the side though – if you want to check out the real MotoGP safety car you can look at our previous post here.