Bentley has massaged the 6.75 litre twin-turbo V8 in its flagship Mulsanne to produce 537 PS and 1,100 Nm of torque – the result is this, the Bentley Mulsanne Speed, a car that weighs 2,685 kg, yet can hit the 100 km/h mark from standstill in 4.9 seconds. It will premiere at Paris 2014.

The V8 has had plenty redesigned – combustion chamber, inlet ports, fuel injectors, spark plugs, compression ratio, revised variable valve timing, optimised turbocharger control, the works, basically. The peak torque of 1,100 Nm is reached at a low 1,750 rpm, channeled through a recalibrated ZF eight-speed automatic gearbox. The car’s top speed is rated at 305 km/h.


As part of efforts to not burning through an entire tank of fuel from Sri Hartamas to Bangsar, the V8 has the ability to turn into a V4 engine by shutting down half the cylinders on light loads. The normal Mulsanne V8 can of course do this, but for the Speed, Bentley says it has retuned the system for smoother transitions. Even then, the car is rated to consume 14.6 litres per 100 km on the EU NEDC combined cycle.

The Mulsanne Speed’s air suspension has also had its Sport mode tuned to be more driver-focused. The other two modes are Bentley and Comfort, and the driver can also choose his own Custom mode to individually match steering, chassis and engine tunes.


To differentiate the Speed from a regular Mulsanne, Bentley has applied a dark tint finish to the headlamps, tail lamps, radiator grille, lower bumper grilles and wing vents on this one.

The 21-inch alloy wheel design is for the first time on a Bentley directional, which means there are separate designs for the left and right side of the car. Finally, there are twin-rifled exhaust pipes and polished stainless steel Speed badging on the front fender and door tread plate areas.