Mazda 2 R Spec IIMS 16

Mazda have announced that it will be showcasing new technologies at the CEATEC Japan 2014 exhibition which opens tomorrow at the Makuhari Messe complex in Tokyo.

First up is Adaptive LED Headlights which uses an LED array to implement glare-free high beam technology. Like most high beam assist systems, a camera is used to detect the headlamps of oncoming cars or the tail lamps of cars ahead of you.

The LED array is divided into four blocks which can be switched on and off independently, thus allowing the beam to be controlled precisely to avoid other cars. Mazda says this will make it possible to drive with the high beam on at all times, with only parts of the beam deactivated when needed.

The ALH headlamps also use LED for low beams. An LED source at the side of the headlamps provide a wide-distribution low beam to expand the area of illumination on either side of the vehicle. At highway speeds, the headlamps’ auto-levelling mechanism raises the axis of lighting, making it easier to see what’s ahead as early as possible.

The next bit of tech to be showcased is automated driving technology fitted to a Mazda 3. We don’t have much details about this for now – all Mazda says is it uses GPS data, vehicle state and driver state data to help avoid driving errors and accidents.

Mazda should release more information on the ALH headlamps and the automated driving tech later.