Mercedes W205 C-Class France 54

The W205 Mercedes-Benz C-Class has only been on the market worldwide for a few months, but it’s already been hit with a sweeping recall to fix an issue with the steering on Stuttgart’s latest compact executive fighter.

According to the company, the steering coupling interlock may have been set to an open position when the cars left the factory, instead of it being locked as it should be. This may cause the steering wheel to emit a squeaking noise and fail to turn, potentially resulting in a loss of control No accidents or injuries have resulted from the problem so far.

The issue technically affects only cars that were built in Europe, but Mercedes-Benz has decided to issue a worldwide recall as a safety measure instead. The company has yet to disclose the total number of cars affected around the globe, but it has already called back 28,000 units in Germany, 10,500 units in the US (which assembles its cars in Tuscaloosa, Alabama) and another 946 units in Australia (right-hand drive models come from South Africa).

UPDATE: Mercedes-Benz Malaysia has informed us that there will not be a recall issued locally, as the car has only just been recently launched. The company added that it will do a complete check on its cars prior to customer deliveries.