Left to right; Andreas Prinz, Daniel Tan Soo Liang, Norzahid bin Mohd Zahudi

Proton Holdings has announced the appointment of new management members in the company as well as in Proton Edar (PESB). Andreas Prinz will be appointed as the new chief operating officer (COO) for the automaker’s commercial division.

Prinz joined Proton in July 2014, as the Director of International Sales. From his 29-year career, Prinz has spent 15 of them involved in the automotive industry. Among his notable contributions was towards the development of a dealership network for the Volkswagen Group in countries like the Middle East and India. He also headed Volkswagen Group Malaysia from 2008 to 2011.

Proton Edar will have a new chief executive officer (CEO), Norzahid bin Mohd Zahudi – replacing Azmi bin Idris, who now serves as Director of Quality. Norzahid brings with him 21 years of experience in the industry with previous stints involving managing the distributor network for multiple domestic and international brands.

The new chief operating officer for Proton Edar is Daniel Tan Soo Liang, who brings to the company 26 years of experience working in multiple industries, 10 of them in the automotive segment. Prior to joining Proton, he was involved with the Volkswagen Group overseeing sales in both local and the ASEAN market.