Detroit Electric’s first car might just see the light of day yet, about five years after the brand was first announced to be revived. The company has released the above teaser video along with some teaser images of the car, which we’ve supplemented with screen caps from the video in the gallery below.

The car teased in the video has a few small styling differences compared to the prototype SP:01 that was shown last year at the Shanghai Motor Show. And yes, if you think the car looks familiar you’re right – it’s essentially based on the Lotus Elise.

Remember that Tesla Motors that now sells the popular Model S and is gearing up to launch a Model X SUV started the exact same way as well – its first car was the Tesla Roadster, which was also based on the Elise. But it’s what you do after the initial Elise-based sports car that matters, I suppose.


The specs teased on the Detroit Electric website appear to be upgraded over the figures shared at last year’s Shanghai show. The SP:01 appears to have been upgraded from 201 hp and 225 Nm to 278 hp and 280 Nm. This allows the 1,125 kg SP:01 to hit the 100 km/h mark in a claimed 3.9 seconds.

The car is pure electric – no range extender stuff here, fed solely by a 37 kWh battery. The car can also be used to power your home if needed. Central to the cabin is an infotainment system called SAMI, which stands for Smartphone Application Managed Infortainment.

We first heard of Detroit Electric’s revival in 2008. It was in negotiations with Proton to buy the Persona and GEN2, replace the CamPro engine with an electric motor drivetrain, and rebadge the cars as the Detroit Electric e63 and e46 models. That project, however, never took off.

GALLERY: Detroit Electric SP:01 Teaser Video Screen Caps

GALLERY: Detroit Electric SP:01 at Shanghai 2014