Audi erweitert Neckarsulmer Standort

Audi has officially moved production of its R8 model to the new Böllinger Höfe site, just six kilometres from the main facility in Neckarsulm. Apart from R8 assembly, a state-of-the-art logistics centre has also been incorporated into the new location.

There is no doubt that the next-generation Audi R8 will be assembled here, considering Audi has moved production of the current model – despite it’s approaching demise – to the new site. The logistics centre has been operating since March this year, with a capacity of 22,500 storage places.

Production of the Audi R8 was halted at the main Neckarsulm site in early August this year, with the company resuming production of it at the new assembly line in just three weeks – on August 25. The Böllinger Höfe site covers an area of 23 hectares, around a quarter of the total area of the Neckarsulm plant.


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