If the Cayman GTS doesn’t do it for you and you don’t really want to upgrade to a 911, you’ll be happy to know that Porsche will be launching a more hardcore Porsche Cayman GT4 soon.

We’ve seen spyshots of the GT4 for the past year, but now we have confirmation from the horse’s mouth – Porsche has accidentally revealed the GT4’s existence on the Porsche Driving Experience website, though it’s been taken down now. The GT4 will be to the Cayman what the GT3 is to the 911.

Since the Cayman S does 325 hp, 370 Nm and the GTS takes it up to 340 hp, 380 Nm, you can expect a small power boost from the GT4, though we don’t expect it to be by much since the 3.4 litre engine is normally aspirated and squeezing 380 Nm of torque out of it is already quite a lot.

Instead, Porsche will probably set the GT4 apart from the GTS via other hardware upgrades such as suspension, aero and weight reduction.