We used to refer to this upcoming BMW X6-rival as the ML Coupe or MLC, but now that Mercedes-Benz has decided to revamp its SUV naming scheme, we’ve no idea what it’ll end up being called.

Since the M-Class will be renamed the GLE, will this be a GLE Coupe like the other new Coupes in the line-up or will this be the GLS, following the CLS-Class name since it’s a four-door coupe? This new model was first introduced as a concept called the Mercedes-Benz Coupe SUV Concept at Beijing 2014.

Whatever it’s called, this is the first time we’ve seen Mercedes-Benz’s new four-door coupe SUV without the usual twirly sticker camo on the body – the body is completely naked save for protective covers on the front and rear that are typically used to protect the body during delivery.

It could mean that these are production units that are ready for shipping – could they be en route to the 2014 LA Auto Show for a world debut next month? If you look at the gallery below, you’ll notice another set of cars that still have the usual camo on – those are AMG versions of the car that are still undergoing testing.

Mercedes-Benz Coupe SUV Concept at Auto China 2014