BMW X1 3 copy

The F48 BMW X1 prototype has been spotted prior to this but now photos of the car’s interior have also surfaced – giving us an early preview into the initial design layout of the F48’s cabin. Don’t get too excited about the manual transmission, though. There’s almost no chance of it appearing on local variants.

Limited interior shots aside, the new F48 appears much taller, with a more upright profile. A shorter front end coupled to reworked overhangs provide the new car with a more traditional, compact SUV-like outlook as opposed to the current one, which looks like a wagon with a ride height boost.

BMW X1 1 copy

Apart from the aesthetic revisions, the new X1 is set to make the jump from RWD to FWD, with the option of xDrive all-wheel drive. With underpinnings based on BMW’s UKL platform, expect the new baby SUV to share similar engine and transmission options with the 2 Series Active Tourer.

It is highly likely that the new-generation 1 Series will echo the same blueprint as the new X1, but that car is still some time away. For now, the public can look forward to the F48’s world premiere sometime next year.