Fiat has long carried the “Fix It Again, Tony” stigma (FIAT, get it?) in the US of A. As an owner of a modern-day Fiat myself, I can safely say that the brand’s old reputation of being unreliable may not necessarily ring true anymore (though parts are hard to come by, for sure), but it’s mighty hard to overcome long-imprinted doubts. Just ask Proton.

Amusingly, the Italian carmaker has now poked fun at the infamous acronym as well as the Honda Civic in one outright hilarious video ad for the new Fiat 500X mini SUV. As far as ads go, this one’s a winner.

In the spot, a Civic owner sends in his car to “Tony’s Fix It Shop” for a simple repair job, but gets his entire car replaced by a 500X instead – but not before a pair of Italian mechanics are seen horrified by his choice of car. “No, this is embarrassing, eh? No safety! No technology! No style! Where is the sexy?” they ask.

“We fixed the sedan,” the ad claims at the end. Well, with many sedan owners planning to change to B-segment crossovers such as the upcoming Honda HR-V and Mazda CX-3, this concept could soon be true for the Malaysian market too, though perhaps without the Fiat bit, eh?