BMW is preparing the mid-life “LCI” facelift for the last rear wheel drive 1-Series it will be building. There’s still lots of camo on parts of the body where the changes are, but the naked headlamps of the car in these spyshots reveal an update headlamp design.

The pre-facelift 1-Series had this odd looking headlamp where the inner corona ring was significantly smaller and was aligned to the top of the outer corona ring. As for the outer ring, BMW made it a full circle instead of being cut off flat at the bottom like it usually is. This gave the face of the car a clumsy, surprised look.

This appears to be fixed with the LCI, with the dual corona rings being closer in size to each other, and the standard flat-bottom look maintained. To fit the new corona rings, the overall shape of the headlamps appear to have been changed as well.

On the rear, we don’t expect much changes to the shape of the tail lamp but the internal graphics have been updated with thinner glowing light bars. There should also be minor changes to the shape of the rear bumper.

There could also be changes to the interior as our spy managed to get a shot showing most of the centre dashboard area covered up.

The next generation 1-Series will no longer be rear wheel drive. It will share the front wheel drive platform of the 2-Series Active Tourer along with the next generation BMW X1.