Volkswagen_new_engine 005

Volkswagen Group Malaysia (VGM) managing director, Armin Keller, has announced that the carmaker as a whole will adopt a new torque-based engine labelling convention for Asian markets. This will gradually replace the existing power-based system that is currently used globally.

“In addition to horsepower, torque is a crucial factor that tells the car’s performance – high torque offers better acceleration, better performance, better drivability, more driving fun as well as a more convenient driving experience,” said Keller at the on-going Volkswagen Das Event in Shah Alam.

The new naming structure will highlight the capabilities of VW’s TSI engine family more prominently. For example, the current system pegs both the Polo 1.6 MPI and Polo 1.2 TSI as having the same output of 105 PS, though clearly the latter has a torque advantage (175 Nm plays 153 Nm). Following the new arrangement, the pair will carry 153 MPI and 175 TSI badges, respectively.

For the Malaysian market, the CC and Passat will be the first two models to adopt this new engine labelling system (as per the CC with a 280 TSI badge above), though no timeline has been mentioned by VGM. So, what do you think of this move?