BMW has now become the first auto manufacturer to offer an in-car store via the BMW ConnectedDrive system – under the iDrive platform. North American customers will be able to purchase a plethora of apps and services such as the Concierge service.

True to its namesake, the app is capable of locating various points of interest such as restaurants, theatres or a hotel via a live representative. Upon confirmation of said location, the service will then provide the fastest possible route to the car’s navigation system for the driver to follow.

Another noteworthy feature under the Concierge app is the ability for the system to provide an emergency call on behalf of the driver should he/she lack the access to a phone. The system utilises an on-board SIM card to contact a live representative who will then notify the authorities.

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An additional service is also available in the guise of BMW’s Navigation Maps Updates. Where it differs from other systems is the ability to update its database in real time, offering the most comprehensive overview of the surrounding vicinity.

Upon logging on to the ConnectedDrive in-car store, owners will be presented with the available apps and services. Once chosen and purchased, the app can be utilised within mere minutes. Owners can also check the prices for respective app updates as well as running periods for booked services.