You just saw the eighth-gen Suzuki Alto; a hotter sister is nigh. The Suzuki Alto Turbo RS concept you see above is on the Tokyo Auto Salon guest list, obviously previewing a turbocharged version of the JDM Alto that could be in showrooms by March.

It’s not uncommon for the Japs to sport up their offerings for the Tokyo Auto Salon – as such, the concept’s ‘RS’ moniker makes us wonder if Suzuki has in mind just a regular turbocharged Alto, or that plus a sportier RS version to top the range. Or will there just be a Turbo RS?

We see chrome-surrounded projector headlamps bridged by a double bar, three horizontal grille louvres instead of the normal Alto’s four vertical ones, plus a more aggressive-looking front bumper containing fog lamps, a blacked-out lower intake and a red front lip. Equally red are the mirror caps and 17-inch alloys.

The turbo should boost the regular Alto’s 660 cc three-cylinder R06A engine. Output numbers have not been divulged (not for the normal Alto either). Perhaps more info will surface come January 9, when the Salon opens its doors.

Suzuki Alto JDM eighth-gen