Johor police, in collaboration with Bukit Aman (federal police HQ), have collected over RM2.4 million through 15,470 overdue traffic summonses incurred by non-Malaysian-registered vehicles, Bernama reports.

“Some 13,529 foreign cars that were checked through this operation were found to have overdue summonses. Through Ops Saman Tertunggak Warga Asing, we have collected around RM2.4 million – RM1.3 million in cash and another RM1.1 million via credit cards,” said Johor police chief Datuk Mohd Mokhtar Mohd Shariff.

The six-day operation, which began December 27, was carried out around Johor Bahru and the Second Link Expressway at Gelang Patah. On the first day of the operation alone, RM99,450 was collected from 555 overdue foreigner-incurred summonses.