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The Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) said that it received the most complaints relating to taxi drivers refusing to use their meters, according to a report by The Star.

The English-language daily quoted SPAD’s head of customer service Zachary Ismail as saying that other top complaints involving taxis include not using the shortest route and unsafe conduct of the drivers.

“We have a lot of taxis in Malaysia, so it is natural we receive the most complaints about them,” he said. “Last year, 24,343 complaints were received, where 9,892 were related to taxis, 7,984 against buses and 5,714 against lorries. The rest were on railways and terminals.”

Although 160,000 complaints were made over the phone to SPAD last year, most of them could not be investigated thoroughly. “Many calls were just rantings and scoldings,” he added.

Zachary urged individuals to provide relevant information when lodging a complaint, in order for SPAD to improve its processes. The details should include the person’s name, IC number, mailing or email address, contact number, details of the incident, registration number and type of vehicle, the vehicle’s operating company and pictures or video, if possible.

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Moving forward, the commission will be streamlining its complaint handling process, making it easier to report on poor public transport experiences. SPAD will also be adding SMS notifications on the status of the case, live web chats, mobile counters for lodging complaints, a case monitoring website and a dedicated phone line connected to SPAD at public transport hubs.

“This year, we will be updating the complainant at all critical points – from the moment the complaint was registered, to the moment the investigation is launched and completed, to the resolution of the case,” said Zachary, adding that SPAD is also working on addressing complaints more efficiently.

Zachary also claimed that the increasing number of complaints made in 2014, 69% more than the year before, showed that the public was becoming more confident with SPAD. “The average wait time for a caller before his or her call is answered is seven seconds. As you can see, we take complaints very seriously,” he said.

Individuals can send complaints and feedback to SPAD via Twitter (@aduanSPAD), calling its hotline at 1800-88-7723, sending an email to aduanSPAD@gov.my, fax, letters, texting “SPAD Aduan” to 15888, or lodging a report in person.