It looks like Mercedes-Benz Malaysia is preparing to launch its second locally assembled hybrid car in Malaysia – the E 300 Bluetec Hybrid. We saw these two trailers carrying multiple units of the E 300 Bluetec Hybrid on the Guthrie Corridor Expressway, KL-bound.

The E 300 Bluetec Hybrid made waves in the news recently by successfully completing a 1,968 km journey from Africa to the UK with a balance of 160 km to go according to the trip computer, giving it a theoretical range of about 2,129 km per tank of diesel.

Yes, diesel – it combines a 204 hp and 500 Nm 2.1 litre turbodiesel engine with a 27 hp electric motor sandwiched between the engine and the automatic gearbox in place of the torque converter. The big exec is no slouch, doing the 100 km/h sprint in 7.5 seconds, yet consumes just 4.3 litres per 100 km.

The new car will not only be the first diesel hybrid sold in Malaysia, it will also be the first locally assembled diesel hybrid sold here. And we’re not just saying that because it would make sense for Mercedes-Benz to CKD it after the CKD S400 Hybrid’s runaway success – DRB-Hicom’s 2014 Annual Report actually mentioned local assembly of the car would start in November 2014.

All of the cars on the trailer are wearing the exact same exterior kit as the E 400 which current tops the E-Class range in Malaysia. This means an AMG Sport exterior with 18 inch AMG Sport alloy wheels. The E 200 and E 250 have the Avantgarde exterior instead of the AMG Sport.

Now the question is – how much? CKD hybrid cars currently have excise duty and import duty exemption (but not sales tax exemption) up to the end of 2015. Tax-free (Langkawi) prices for the E-Class range currently start from RM266k for the E 200 up to RM332k for the E 400. Could the E 300 Bluetec Hybrid be priced around the E 400’s tax-free price with an additional 10% to account for sales tax?