Toyota has teased the RND Concept ahead of its world debut in the UK on January 26. Few teasers in motordom are more teasing than this, as so little has been divulged that we really haven’t a clue as to what it could be.

Here are some of Toyota’s teasing phrases: “changing the face of motoring within weeks,” “radical shift in direction,” “fun-to-drive” and “having the potential to transform the look of every vehicle on the road.” Our appetites couldn’t be more whetted.

Plus, this study won’t be far from reality, as Toyota says fast-track development has secured manufacturing and product supply, as well as fixed pricing at a level that will make it “accessible to the widest possible market.”

“Full details of the RND Concept will be announced next week, but ahead of the official unveiling I can say that this is something we are proud of and that will make a valuable contribution to the world we live in,” said Toyota GB president Matt Harrison. What do you think it could be, guys?