2014 Jeep Cherokee-02

Units of the 2014/2015 Jeep Cherokee have been issued a recall over fears due to isolated cases of spontaneous deployment of the side-curtain as well as the seat-mounted side airbags. A total of 228,181 units are affected with 168,092 cars in North America, 19,557 in Canada, 4,133 in Mexico and 36,399 elsewhere.

The root problem stems from a malfunction of the car’s software system that controls the inflation of the airbags. During extreme cornering, the faulty sensors onboard detect an impending rollover, which leads to the deployment of said safety systems.

Owners of the Jeep Cherokee will be notified by relevant service agents and are advised to bring their cars in for a software upgrade. The rectification will “will recalibrate the threshold for deployment,” according to a statement issued by Jeep.

On the local front, Jeep Malaysia has clarified that none of the Jeep Cherokee models sold locally are affected by the recall.