VW Carnival (720x720)

In line with the ongoing Volkswagen Red Campaign, Malaysian motorists are invited on a hunt for the God of Prosperity, who will be making its rounds around the Klang Valley region over the next three days at ten major locations. Interested parties can keep track of his progress via Volkswagen’s Instagram account.

As the God of Prosperity himself will be traveling in a red Volkswagen, one can opt to track him down the traditional style, as well. A total of 20,000 ang pows containing a cheque of up to RM25,000 for discounts on pre-owned models will be up for grabs at each stopover point.

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 2.04.21 PM

Apart from the hunt itself, members of the public are also invited to drop by participating Volkswagen dealerships around the country to enjoy up to RM25,000 in rebates on selected pre-owned Volkswagen models. On new cars, Volkswagen is offering a rebate of up to RM9,999 on selected red models.

Additionally, the Volkswagen Sales Carnival happening around the Klang Valley region offers prospective customers the same attractive rebates. The Active Safety Test Drive experience also awaits potential clients. The Sales Carnival is slated to take place at these locations.