We’ve all seen quite a few custom-designed McLaren P1 hypercars spotted around the world – well, if you’re going to spend 866,000 pounds (RM4.7 million, before taxes) on a car, you might as well make it your own. But this one’s a little bit more special than the others. Why? Because it’s right here in Malaysia.

The bespoke white P1 you see here – photographed by AT903 Autography – has been modified by McLaren Special Operations (MSO) to feature a set of gold highlights. The wheels, badges and engine cover are all dressed as such, and better yet, the exhaust heat shield is made of genuine 24K gold – as it was in the original McLaren F1.

It’s also said that the owner had requested for a unique VIN and chassis number that’s separate from the limited-production P1’s standard run of 001 to 375. As far as special goes, this one sets a gold standard.

McLaren P1 displayed in Kuala Lumpur showroom