kia 1.0 turbo

Kia is set to give its new 1.0 litre T-GDI Kappa turbo engine its world production debut in Geneva – the first vehicles to be equipped with the mill will be models from the new cee’d GT Line range. Here, the engine – developed in-house at Kia’s Namyang R&D centre – will offer 120 PS at 6,000 rpm and 172 Nm of torque, available across 1,500 to 4,100 rpm.

The unit follows on the debut of the 1.0 TCI in the facelifted Kia Morning (the Picanto) in Korea – the GDI unit has higher numbers than the non-direct-injected TCI, which puts out 106 PS at 6,000 rpm and 137 Nm from 1,600 to 3,500 rpm.

The new T-GDI features a single-scroll turbocharger paired with an electric waste-gate motor, which improves the turbocharger’s air scavenging performance. The promise is greater low-end torque, more immediate engine response from any throttle position and improved fuel economy under higher engine loads.


Other tech cues include newly-developed laser-drilled injectors, with six individual holes. The laser-drilled holes, laid out in a pyramid shape, provide a more even spread of fuel/air throughout the cylinder. Together with a high pressure pump, the new injectors are able to provide fuel injection pressure of up to 200 bar.

Elsewhere, there’s a straight air intake port, which ends in a sharper air intake throat, to improve air flow to the combustion chamber. The engine is also fitted with an integrated exhaust manifold, which lowers the exhaust gas temperature slightly, offering better high speed, high load fuel economy and cleaner emissions.

Lastly, a new dual-thermostat split cooling system allows the engine block and cylinder heads to be cooled independent of one another – the main thermostat controls the flow of engine coolant to cylinder heads above 88°C to reduce knocking, while an engine block thermostat shuts off coolant flow above 105°C to reduce mechanical friction and aid efficiency.