Mercedes-Benz Malaysia (MBM) has issued a recall for the W212 E-Class and W218 CLS-Class. Only limited batches of both models are affected and all vehicles have been identified.

We contacted MBM to yield that with regards to the E-Class, the models involved span 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 production years, primarily covering the facelift, though late versions of the pre-facelift W212 are also included in the recall (the facelift was introduced here in August 2013).

In the course of its worldwide product monitoring, Daimler AG in Germany has discovered an issue with the rubber seal of the engine compartment in certain E-Class and CLS-Class vehicles. Locally, MBM – via its authorised dealers – will begin informing all affected customers and conduct rectification work in mid-March. The work is expected to take less than one hour.

“Mercedes-Benz Malaysia adheres to the highest standards of safety, and will attend to all affected vehicles promptly. We are committed to ensuring that customers have the best ownership experience,” assured Roland Folger, president and CEO of MBM.

For more information on the recall, owners can contact MBM’s customer care centre at 1800-88-1133 from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm.

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia’s press statement doesn’t go into details on what the issue is, but it’s worth noting that earlier this month Mercedes-Benz USA notified the NHTSA of a recall involving rubber seals in the E-Class and CLS-Class as well. We can’t confirm if the Malaysian recall is related to the US recall.

The NHTSA notification goes into more detail with the US recall – apparently in affected vehicles, a rubber seal at the back of the engine bay that is designed to seal the bulkhead to the closed hood to isolate noises, odours, humidity and heat.

The seal may temporarily stick to the hood when it is opened and then may fall into the engine bay when the hood is closed. If the rubber seal falls into the engine compartment, it may contact parts of the exhaust system, increasing the risk of a fire. The remedy involves attaching four retaining clips to the rubber seal.