Malaysians shouldn’t be strangers to irresponsible driving behaviour. Indeed, we’re rather poor when it comes to driving habits and general attitude when we’re behind the wheel. Don’t think so? Well, we can easily list 10 bad habits/behaviour patterns of Malaysian drivers:

1) Double parking, triple parking, in fact, parking anywhere you please.
2) Using the handphone whilst driving.
3) Not wearing seatbelts, and not just with the rear passengers.
4) Driving slowly and hogging the overtaking lane.
5) Red means go – running traffic lights. Who needs them anyway?
6) Slowing down to check out accidents, because you like to watch.
7) Using the hazard indicators in heavy rain.
8) Not using the turn signal indicator.
9) Not giving way, and also not bothering to thank someone when he/she does give way to you.
10) Cutting the queue, because waiting in line is for losers.

The list goes on, and as you can see, all this isn’t something to be proud of. It’s time we did something to change that tidak apa, selfish road behaviour so evident all around us.

Allianz Malaysia is one of those who think that change is well due and has to come about – the insurance company is concerned to see the rise in irresponsible driving which is increasingly being regarded as the norm.

It has come up with a campaign to bring irresponsible driving behaviour to the nation’s attention – the drive is led by an app called MyAID, which has been created to help stop this trend and remind everyone that the first step to being a responsible driver starts with YOU.

The MyAID app is about empowering you to join a growing movement of “Malaysians Against Irresponsible Drivers,” which lends the app its name. The app – through your smartphone – helps you capture irresponsible drivers in action.

The app has been uniquely designed to record the past with a simple tap, so you only use your phone’s storage when it really matters.

All you have to do is download MyAID from the Google Play store or App Store, mount your phone on your windscreen and activate MyAID every time you drive. If an incident happens to you or if you witness one, tap anywhere on your phone screen to record, and then upload your video. It’s as easy as that.

Time to help bring irresponsible drivers to the nation’s attention and make the country’s drivers a more civic-conscious lot, don’t you agree?