Puspakom has introduced a new telephone line for whistleblowers – members of the public can call 03-20528989 or email whistleblower@puspakom.com.my if they come across any irregular practice or unethical business conduct by its staff.

Under the vehicle inspection agency’s Whistleblower Policy, anyone with evidence of any irregular practice or activity can file a complaint against the individual(s), and the informant’s identity will be kept confidential. Puspakom’s intelligence and surveillance department will then investigate the matter.

Puspakom will take stern action against employees who fail to comply with the disciplinary code or breach any procedures, said CEO Mohammed Shukor Ismail. He urged customers to report immediately if they were approached by unscrupulous third parties who claim they can guarantee a pass for a vehicle.

The agency emphasised that it does not authorise third parties to act on behalf of the company, nor does it give any guarantee that a vehicle will pass an inspection. It added that because it has invested in equipment that sends inspection data directly to the server, it is “hardly possible” for anyone to guarantee a pass by bribing officers or interfering with inspection data.

“There is no reason for our customers to use a third party to deal with Puspakom. The inspection fee charged is based on the type of inspection, ranging from RM20 to RM90. We welcome and encourage customers to come directly to Puspakom centres,” said Mohammed Shukor.

“These irresponsible people can only make empty promises when it comes to solving any problems with the vehicles being inspected. The inspection process is made even more convenient for our customers now by using our Inspection by Appointment system.”

Puspakom recently invested RM3 million in Toughpad (pic, above left), a device used to directly transmit digital results to the server, minimising human intervention and cutting the time taken to process results by 20%. Between 1994 and 2014, the agency has spent over RM400 million to improve and upgrade its systems, in its efforts to ensure transparency and eliminate graft.

Mohammed Shukor stressed that Puspakom’s existence is to do with ensuring the safety and roadworthiness of vehicles and motorists, and that constant attempts to try and circumvent the system would render the whole exercise futile.