No, this isn’t a prop for a Blade Runner remake – it’s actually the Chevrolet FNR, a show car that presages a future for the automobile that is autonomous and electrically-powered. We’d all be driving spaceships-on-wheels in the years to come, apparently…

Developed by GM-SAIC’s Pan Asia Technical Automotive Centre (PATAC), the FNR (Find New Roads) is a mad sci-fi riot of swoops, curves, lights and glassy surfaces. The crystal headlights and tail lights are powered by lasers, and situated at all four corners are magnetic hubless wheels housing the electric motors; there’s wireless auto-charging in there too.


Open the “dragonfly” dual swing doors (front doors flip forward, rear doors arc back) and you’ll find four massive seats – the front ones can swivel 180 degrees to face the rear when the car is in self-driving mode, creating what Chevy describes as a “more intimate setting.” The driver can then switch back to manual mode using gesture control.

Autonomous driving is enabled by sensors and roof-mounted radar that map the environment around the car. Iris recognition ensures that only authorised drivers are allowed to start the car, while Chevy Intelligent Assistant is also fitted; the car can act as a “personal assistant” to map out the ideal route to the driver’s preferred destination.