Audi A4

With Mercedes-Benz enjoying the popularity of its W205 C-Class full model change and BMW having just unveiled a facelift of its F30 3-Series yesterday, the next car in the compact executive segment to look forward to would be the new B9 Audi A4, which has been sighted with reduced disguise.

Audi revealed yesterday that the new A4 would be unveiled by the end of the year and that it would get a new 2.0 TFSI engine with a special ‘modified Miller cycle’ combustion process that allows better fuel efficiency.

The reduced disguise on these spy photos reveal the shape of the headlamps better – they match what the leaked photos from China earlier have shown us – quite an aggressive shape.

While the leaked photos also gave us an idea of what the dashboard looks like, the dash was missing a steering wheel, which we can now see thanks to our spy photographer’s high angle which allowed him to peek into this particular prototype’s interior. The instrument panel appears to use traditional dials instead of a virtual panel like on the new Audi TT.

Spy-Shots of Cars - This image has been optimized for a calibrated screen with a Gamma of 2.2 and a colour temperature og 6500°K

The new A4 will sit on a modified version of the MLB platform. Dubbed the MLB evo, it was first seen underpinning the second-gen Q7. The platform employs a combination of ultra high-strength steel, aluminium and composites, and will potentially allow the A4 to shed around 100 kg in terms of weight.

Front-wheel drive and quattro all-wheel drive options are set to feature, as will the automaker’s range of forced induction TDI diesel and TFSI petrol engines, along with six-speed manual or seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmissions.