jpj roadblock-2

The Road Transport Department of Selangor (Selangor state JPJ) has issued a total of 152 traffic summonses to foreigners operating motor vehicles during an operation titled Ops Warga Asing. The hour-long operation, conducted at Persiaran APEC, also saw three cars seized by the department.

Selangor state JPJ director, Datuk Valluvan Veloo, commented that said summonses were issued for various offences – ranging from driving with an expired road tax, operating a vehicle without a licence and possession of “doubtful” driving licences. The reason for the seizure of the aforementioned three cars remain unclear. A total of 316 vehicles were inspected during said operation.

Additionally, the National Anti-Drug Agency (AADK), present during the operation, has detained three Malaysians after they tested positive for substance abuse while the Immigration Department of Malaysia has apprehended a Pakistani, a Filipino and an Indonesian after it was discovered that the three did not possess any form of travel documents.

Ops Warga Asing was deployed by the department after complaints from the public about foreigners driving recklessly in the area began to surface.