The insane Henessey Venom GT is finally on sale, priced at a cool US$1.4 million (RM5 million) in the USA. The company says the Venom is made for those who think the Bugatti Veyron “seems a little too tame.” Like, seriously?

Yes, seriously. The Venom GT, which is a heavily modified Lotus, has a blistering top speed of 435.31 km/h, which was officially recorded at the Kennedy Space Centre last year. The Veyron, even in its ultimate Super Sports form, could only manage 431 km/h.

The reason for that is the Hennessey’s massive 7.0 litre twin-turbo V8 engine, which is tuned to churn out 1,244 hp and 1,564 Nm of torque. All that power is fed to the rear wheels (Michelin Super Sport tyres on 20-inch H10 forged monoblocks) through a six-speed Ricardo manual gearbox.

Acceleration figures are just as crazy. Zero to 100 km/h takes just 2.7 seconds, and 0-320 km/h is over and done with in 14.5 seconds. So, anyone with a (really) thick wallet and balls of steel interested?