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The May 15 deadline has come and past, and so far, only two percent the arrest warrants for traffic offenders have been settled, according to a report by The Star. That’s just 33,473 arrest warrants out of the remaining 1.59 million announced last week. Ops Warta begins tomorrow, and traffic offenders with outstanding summonses are warned yet again.

“This is rather disappointing as we have given them more than two weeks to settle the arrest warrants. Beginning Monday (tomorrow), we will be going all out to serve these warrants of arrest,” Bukit Aman traffic chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Mohd Fuad Abdul Latiff told the English daily.

“If you are stopped at a road block and we find out that you have an outstanding warrant, we will take action. Don’t be surprised if you are stopped at a roadblock and are placed under arrest,” he added.

Cop shop

This adds on to Fuad’s earlier reminder. “I warn them to settle their summonses immediately. If they fail to do so, they will be taken to court. And if they do not give full cooperation, police will invoke the arrest procedure including handcuffing the offenders,” he told reporters last week.

Today is the last day for traffic offenders to settle their remaining summonses. “I have instructed all traffic summons counters to be opened this weekend to accommodate a surge to pay up summonses,” Fuad added. Today is the last chance to do so, then.

Motorists can check if they have outstanding summons through many avenues – myeg.com.my, rilek.com.my, and at traffic police counters, post offices, Maybank ATMs, plus selected shopping malls and Road Transport Department (JPJ) branches.